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SQL Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-on for access data from different resources
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There are many shareware programs that offers you the ability to convert many formats like Microsoft access, MYSQL databases, DBF databases, SQL, Oracle, Firebird, Sybase etc. But you will not need to search or buy any of these, because you have found the award winning solution called "SQL Excel" which is a great add-on that attaches itself to your Microsoft Excel program and allows instant access to almost all types of database storage servers that you would ever know or even didn't know yet, as you can extend the amount of database storage engines that it supports by installing their drivers to your Microsoft Windows ODBC Data Sources very easily. Once connected to the data source, it will enable you to execute different SQL commands in order to insert, edit, delete or filter your records in order to make them ready for a fast painless importing directly into your currently opened Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you don't know any SQL, don't worry because you can visually construct the SQL query by manual dragging the tables. Furthermore, It can save connection profiles for direct easy future use by choosing between them from the combo box of the add-on's toolbar.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Comes as an Excel add-on
  • Multiple database engine support through ODBC
  • Easy and fast import
  • Freeware


  • Limited GUI functionality
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